About Us

Precise Steel Detailing is professional steel detailing company based in Melbourne.
We use TEKLA Structures and have done many projects over 100 Ton of steel.

TEKLA Structures

We use TEKLA Structures for Steel Detailing. Complete 3D model of building’s structural steel is prepared and then shop drawings are created from this model.

Commercial Buildings

We have done steel detailing for various commercial buildings like Petrol Stations, Childcare Centers, Warehouses, Office Buildings, and Showrooms.

Residential Apartments

We have done steel detailing for multi storey apartment buildings.

Private Homes

We have extensive experience of steel detailing of private homes.

Steel Buildings & Sheds

We have done steel detailing for various steel sheds and steel buildings like Tram Stops, Quarry Platforms and Tanks etc.

Stairs & Platforms

We have done steel detailing for many stairs and platforms in various commercial and residential projects.

Shade Structures

We have extensive experience in steel detailing of Shade Structures and Tension Membranes.

Portable Steel Buildings

We have done steel detailing for Portable Steel Buildings like school buildings.

We love what we do and we do it with passion!

Precise Steel Detailing is Melbourne based Steel Detailing company providing Design and Drafting services to clients in range of industry sectors like Manufacturing, Construction and Engineering. Over 10 years experience in manufacturing sector, Design and Drafting lead to establishment of Precise Steel Detailing as a sole trading business in 2012.

Our experience in steel detailing for Commercial buildings, Residential Apartments and Houses and various Architectural and Structural products enhances our capability to deliver services to clients all over Australia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to exceed customer expectations by providing high quality services at very competitive rates. We aim to provide accurate drawings with 100% information on them and minimize production loss time in chasing information.

Our Strength

Our strength of producing high-quality drawings and understanding needs of fabricators comes from our extensive experience in steel fabrications and all aspects of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

What will you get